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Children Are The Best Negotiators In The World!!​

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Affective Negotiation Skills Program

The influence and impact of negotiations are often not recordable in the balance sheets yet; it reflects in your business profit & loss.

Negotiation involves people from all functions. Be it mergers & acquisitions, or talent acquisition, Vendor management or business development. Negotiations is not haggling over the price factors or the payment terms. It is art that you can master.

That’s why we have designed the Affective Negotiation Skills program, after more a decade of research and collaboration.

The Influence & Impact of Negotiations in Your Business is Critical.

During this session we will explore the following :

  1. The difference between Effective Negotiation Vs Affective Negotiation
  2. The impact a failed negotiation has on business and how it drains resources, that is never reflected in the balance sheet of the organization
  3. Three tips on how to be an Affective Negotiator. 
  • An exclusive offer to join the 6 weeks certificate program on Affective Negotiation Skills
Affective Negotiations skills will always give you an EDGE in your business.
Join Us and find out, HOW You can Be an Affective Negotiator !

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Place a higher priority on discovering what a win looks like for the other person.
– Harvey Robbins

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Manohar Nair

Session Leader

What Participants Speak about our Program

Really thankful for the wonderful session to Mr Nair and to the entire team

Vinod Nair

Thanks Mr.Manohar for the excellent session. Ajay thanks for your excellent coordination and its a great session Please share the email id to know about the course.


Thank for such a brilliant perception on negotiation. ..never fear to negotiate ..which we usually are doing most of the time. Takeaway for me from this session

Shaloo Singh

Thank you Mr. Manohar for your time and conceptualising the negotiations. My key take away is about building the psychological connection with people before negotiation.

Supreth Kalappa

It was a wonderful presentation. Saw a glimpse of my own weaknesses and will strive to change them and become stronger in those areas

Vijay Kumar

This was showing us new and required aspect of negotiation.

Vivek Deshpande

Frequently Asked Questions

11th June 8pm to 10pm (IST) 12th 11am to 1pm (IST) – Microsoft Teams Platform 

Affective Negotiation Skills Program​

A 6 weeks certificate program

1st Week

Introduction to Affective Negotiation Skills

2nd week

What behaviors make an Affective Negotiator

3rd week

Skills sets for an Affective Negotiator

4th week

Preparing to Negotiate

5th week

Process & Focus during Negotiation

6th week

Communicating post Negotiation