Lead Your Life

Anxiety, Irritation, Helplessness Frustration, Resentment?.

Go beyond these experiences and feelings to rise up in Life, Career and Business, with our unique program by Mr. Manohar Nair



Your Emotional Turmoil & Lead a HEALTHY Life

Some wounds never show, not even in the mirror, until we see them in the expressions on the faces of people we love’.

Cameron Jace

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manohar nair

Lead Your Life

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Note: Special Price for ILN members is Rs.399/- only.  You can also claim a refund; in case you feel the session did not add value

**This session is the first part of the five session Heal & Rise Program. 

What Previous Participants Are Saying

Really thankful for the wonderful session to Mr Nair and to the entire team

Vinod Nair

Thanks Mr.Manohar for the excellent session. Ajay thanks for your excellent coordination and its a great session Please share the email id to know about the course.


Thank you Mr. Nair for this brilliant session.

Shaloo Singh

Thank you Mr. Manohar for your time and conceptualising the negotiations. My key take away is about building the psychological connection with people.

Supreth Kalappa