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rise-Up' workshop

The ‘rise-Up’ workshop is a transformative experience, empowering participants to envision and pursue their life goals. With extensive research and collaboration with over 38,000 participants, we provide expert guidance for taking control of time and aspirations. Through fostering a growth mindset and intentional behaviors, participants gain success strategies for career and life.

The ‘rise-Up’ workshop creates an engaging environment through interactive exercises and activities that promote collaboration. This hands-on approach encourages practical application and deepens participants’ understanding of the concepts. By sharing experiences and perspectives, participants learn from each other, enhancing the overall learning process.

Team Rebooot Life, specializes in creating Life Transformation Journeys for students across India. The ‘rise-Up’ workshop, designed with creative ideas and research-backed strategies, delivers a fun-filled and transformative experience. By equipping participants with a growth mindset and necessary skills, we empower them to thrive and achieve their goals in both personal and professional life life.

Photographic Highlights from the 'rise-Up' Workshop

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About The Speaker

Ajaya Panda is an esteemed Professional Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Business Growth Consultant, acknowledged for his expertise in driving performance development within organizations. With a 17-year corporate background spanning HR, Education, Coaching, Corporate Training, and Business Consulting, Ajaya brings extensive knowledge and experience. His profound understanding of organizational dynamics and human behavior enables him to design transformative programs, unlocking individuals’ and teams’ full potential as a reliable partner.

One of Ajaya’s greatest strengths is his ability to connect with people from different backgrounds. Whether he is speaking to experienced executives or young professionals starting their careers, Ajaya’s energy and enthusiasm captivate and inspire his audience, leaving a strong impression. His engaging speaking style, combined with his genuine passion for personal and professional growth, creates a motivating and empowering atmosphere.

As the visionary founder and director of Rebooot Life Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ajaya exemplifies his guiding principles of LEAD (yourself), CARE (everyone), and INSPIRE (the world). He embraces a holistic approach to personal and professional development, emphasizing self-leadership, empathy, and making a positive impact on others. With his transformative programs and unwavering dedication to his clients, Ajaya Panda has become an inspiring figure and a driving force for positive change in the business world.


Leadership Coach II Professional Speaker II Founder @ Rebooot Life

Experiences of 'rise-Up' Workshop Participants:

We have experienced a great change in the mindset of our participants before and after the workshop.


It was really a very good experience. Got the clarity about where we need to be! It was one of the best guest lectures which was not stressful. The journey to the childhood was an amazing experience. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Yeshu Chaitra - PGDM

Today, it's been a great experience and one of the memorable days of my life. We had participated in many events where I have felt low in confidence, but Rise-up workshop gives me confidence to achieve big in life.

S Bharath - PGDM

From the beginning of the session more than PPTs it was full of activities, what I had not experienced before. From this workshop I have learned that every seed plant and work towards, it may take time to grow but will definitely give results.

Iliyas Ahmed - PGDM

1st of all, I would like to thank Mr. Ajaya Panda for giving us his time and motivating us in all areas of life. It was an amazing experience. He was unique the way he conducted the activities and explained us the valuable lessons through that.

Keerthana - PGDM

Some video testimonials of our participants after the workshop.

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For Teachers / Faculties:
  • Class-room Leadership Boot-camp
  • Emotional Intelligence For Educators / Teachers / Faculties / Lecturers 
  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Contemporary Learning Methodology
  • We also develop customised training programs based on the needs and goals of the  institution.
For Students:
  • ‘rise-Up’ Workshop
  • High Achievers’ Boot-camp
  • Professional Edge Week
  • Corporate Connect (Pre-placement Training)
  • We also develop customised training programs based on the needs and goals of the¬† institution.

We also offer a unique version of rise-Up workshop for business organisations. This can be customised for their project teams or annual / sales conferences / events. Reach out to us for energising your teams and creating lasting spirit of self-motivation. 


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