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rise-Up workshop

The rise-Up workshop is an inter-active, 5 hours’ workshop.

Participants’ engagement begins with their ability to visualize the bigger picture on their canvas of their lives. With this realisation, they empower themselves to take charge of their time and goals. Our guidance and facilitation is based on our research over the last decade of working with more 38000 participants, from over 40 organizations & educational institutions.

This workshop achieves the rise-Up spirit in participants by developing a growth mind-set, setting the right intentional behaviour for success in career and life. 

Fun filled experiential learning journey designed with creative & powerful ideas makes the workshop a transformational experience.

Team ‘rebooot LIFE’ creates Life Transformation Journey for students in Educational Institutions across India.

We also have a unique version of rise-Up workshop for business organisations. This can be customised for their project teams or annual / sales conferences / events. Reach out to us for energising your teams and creating lasting spirit of self-motivation. 


Leadership Coach II Professional Speaker II Founder @ Rebooot Life

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What rise-Up workshop participants share:

We have experienced a great change in the mindset of our participants before and after the workshop.